The Dark Side Invasion

Episode 2

The Dark was the opposite of everything the Light was standing for, and everyone who went through the transformation had no recollection of how they were before.

Everything they knew started with their transformation once they came out of the Dark Globe of Destruction.

And that brought pain and tragedy, as the Dark became stronger and stronger.

This side was fierce, operating in the shadow, plotting. Lies were at the forefront, deceit, destruction, opposition, unending battles and an ardent wish to destroy everything and everyone from the Light.

The Dark Side was selfish, cynical, angry, impulsive, bitter, attached to matter, proud, ruled by hatred and the satisfaction of causing and seeing pain and destruction.

Always operating in the shadow, everything dire, gloomy and confusing.

Everything coming from the Light was despised and doomed.

There was no room for peace, but only for war.

The Dark was hunting with great maliciousness, intelligence and no mercy whatsoever.

It was imitating the organization of the Light, and became very organized as well, taking every act of love, mercy and compassion and turning it into a lethal war weapon. Unending wars, battles, despair, in the confrontation between the two Sides and this story continues even as we speak.

The Light created an ingenious plan for the Final Battle, only known by a trusted few, as they are on the constant threat of some of them switching sides as it happened before. They are adamant in safely carrying and guarding the Vital Force that maintains the balance of all things.

For this plan they use their new Mothership which will carry them through this difficult journey on a new Chain, the ETH Chain.

The Light is strong and determined to win and therefore maintain the Greater Good in all aspects of life. But do we really know them? What is at stake here?

What are they willing to sacrifice for peace? Are they really peaceful? Should they be trusted?

Nobody really knows them. These are in our mortal eyes just factions, as we have never seen before.

For us, they are just invaders, the Block Invaders. And they are coming, they are coming fast, seeking to land fully on the ETH Chain.

Are your ready to embrace the unknown?

Created by the OBI Team with special ♥ to our OBI friends.
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